Probate Administration

A large portion of our practice consists of assisting clients with Probate administration.  We provide guidance and documentation regarding proper distribution of a decedent's estate.  Our representation will normally include compliance with the Inventory & Appraisement of assets, the proper attention to claims against the Estate, proper distribution of assets, accountings and closing documentation.

Probate Litigation

We have experience in litigating matters involving disputes among heirs, beneficiaries and others involved in Probate proceedings.  If you have questions concerning your rights as a beneficiary, heir, Personal Representative or Executor, you should seek legal advice immediately.  We have experience litigating in all courts, trial and appellate, of South Carolina.

Guardianships and Conservatorships

The need for a guardianship and conservatorship may arise in a number of ways.  We routinely assist clients with guardianships and conservatorships for children or adults with special needs, incapacitated adults and others.  This type of action requires a hearing in Probate Court.

Family Settlement Agreements

In some instances family members may want to agree upon a modified distribution of a Decedent’s Estate. We have experience drafting and negotiating these “Family Settlement Agreements” and work with families to implement the approved plan.

Trust Settlements and Modifications

In South Carolina, trust terms may be modified in certain instances. Some modifications required the approval of the Probate Court. Some modification do not require such approval. We have experience representing beneficiaries and trustees with regard to such modifications including drafting, negotiating and representing clients before the Probate Courts.

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