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Dennis, Shaw, Drennan & Pack, LLC

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S. Michael Pack, Jr.

James B. Drennan, III

James W. Shaw

Heather G. Hunter

Tax Law

We have experience and expertise in the following types of tax matters:

          Federal Estate and Gift Tax

Compiliation and filing of Federal Estate and Gift Tax returns
Audit compliance and litigation

          Tax Controversy

Taxpayer disputes with IRS
Taxpayer disputes with state Departments of Revenue
Guidance regarding collection procedure
Audit concerns
Sales and Use Tax issues
Tax related litigation

Liens and Levy Disputes

          Tax Exempt Entity Formation and Compliance

            Filing Form 1023 (Application for Tax Exempt Status)
         501(c)(3) and other non profit entities 

          Like-Kind Exchanges

             Drafting of Exchange Agreement and other related documents
          We can serve as Qualified Intermediary
          Guide regarding timeliness of identification and purchase of property